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Give wings to your studying with our quick study material. With our wide range of books, case studies and other material brought to life after intensive research, studying is bound to get easier.Students spend a lot of time writing notes that they can skim through in order to recap the important points of study. With our material, study time can be just that, time spent on studying.

Our material goes through a rigorous process of approval for language and content approval. The stringent quality and exacting standards that we put into our material translates as dependable quality assurance for you, the student. Come study with us and see what a difference quick reference can make to your grades.

About Us

Studywings began in 2012 when Neha Saxena decided to create a product that would give students access to quality study material. Our company specializes in quick study material, books, case studies and other study material.

We recognize that studying takes time. While it is hard to sit down and concentrate for long hours, our study material can take some of the effort. The material comes to life after thorough research and stringent quality checks. With Studywings, quality is an assurance that you can depend on.

Education is boundless. You, as a student may be looking for specific reference material that is not currently on our portal. Simply let us know what you are looking for through the wishlist option and we will create study material customized to your request.

Apart from the wishlist, Studywings is continuously improving the material base so as to include material from nearly every stream of study. The study guides and material available from our website conforms to various certified educational council syllabi like the ICSE, CBSE and GCSE.

You can find our quality products online or in various retail locations across India.


Why study with Studywings?

Our study materials are structured to make re-capping easy and quick. With a spill proof laminate covering, studying with a cup of coffee is not going to be a problem any longer.

Many experts recommend that easy to read and full color graphic fonts are best suited to study materials as they hold the attention of the reader. As you read our material, you will find the visuals appealing and easy on the eyes.